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German designer Franziska Agrawal transcends the borders of the worlds of art and design. She holds a Masters in Industrial Design (Dipl.Des) from HfG (Hochschule für Gestaltung) Pforzheim in Germany and RISD (Rhode Island School of Design/Brown University) in Providence, USA and a MBA in International Management from Brighton University, UK.

She has been awarded with the endowed international design prize by the Raymond Loewy Foundation (2005) as acknowledgement for her innovative and comprehensive work in the area of industrial design and the Red Dot design Award in Product Design (2018).

Lived and worked as Lead Creative in New York, Mexico, India, the UK and Peru. Currently living in Munich, Germany, working on a wide range of commissions from product design, Corporate Identity, Design Strategy and public spaces.

Since March 2018, Lecturer in Design & Innovation Management at AMD Academy of Fashion and Design and in Visual Communication at Fresenius University for Economy & Media in Munich, Germany.

www.design & strategy.de

Her artistic work practice extends across a range of disciplines and is represented in public and private collections around the world. She has led interdisciplinary efforts on developing awareness and innovations in the discourse of emerging global cultures and identities and urban landscapes. Her architectural installations show something without similarities and are influenced by concepts of concrete Art and minimalism.

Her work subject lies in the geometric creation of order, comprising the reduction to the maximum to attain 'esthetic essence' coming 'directly from the mind' – emerging from yogic science and philosophy - it’s about balance and the transformation of what is. She works primarily Site specific with natural and ephemeral materials, dealing with matters of attachment, detachment and temporariness of existence using natural and ephemeral materials in time/space. Interested in Large Scale Installation and it’s intervening monumentality within the human body and interdimensionality within a place makes the invisible feelable to create a transformative ground for perspective change.

"The goal of concrete art is to develop objects for spiritual use, much as man designs objects for material use." (Max Bill)

"less is more." (Mies van der Rohe)

She is Leading Artist and Head of Team Germany at International Snow Sculpting Championships and Symposiums around the Globe.


Franziska Agrawal is certified in advanced Yogic Techniques and Yogopathy, specialized in advanced Practices, Meditation and Breathing Techniques.


It's ALL connected.

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2020 1st Prize Nordic Ice sculpture Competition, Enontekiö, FI
2019 Art in public space Competition Winner, Frequencies, Munich, DE
2018 2nd Prize Kunstwege Vias d'Art Pontresina, CH
2018 Nominated for 5th Intl André-Evard Prize, DE
2018 Reddot Product Design Award, DE
2018 3rd Prize 1st Intl Bothwell Carving Competition, Winnipeg, CAN
2017 Equilibrio Prize, Apulia LandArt Festival, IT
2017/18 Stipendium Bayrische Atelierförderung, DE
2016 Designer in Lab / Research Project 2016, Basel, CH
2016 Special Award, Intl. Ice Sculpture Competition Harbin, CN
2015 1st Prize Snow Days Chicago, USA
2015 2nd Prize Snowsculpting Championships Colorado, USA
2015/16 Stipendium Bayrische Atelierförderung, DE
2014 1st Artist Prize Snowsculpting Championships Colorado, USA
2014 2nd Prize Snowsculpting Championships Colorado, USA
2013 3rd Prize Snow Days Chicago, USA
2012 1st Jury Prize, Fete d’hiver, Quebec, CAN
2012 3rd Prize Kunstwege Vias d'Art Pontresina, CH
2010 1st public prize, ExpoFoto Lima, PE
2008 3rd Prize World Snow Festival, Grindelwald, CH
2006 Scholarship Business School MBA IM, DE/UK
2005 Lucky Strike Junior Designer Award, International first prize
2004 DAAD Scholarship Rhode Island School of Design, USA
2002 Pizzazz Award, Honorable Mention, DE
2001 Charlotte Change-it Jewelry Design Award, DE

Collection Interamerican Development Bank, Washington DC, USA
Network of Arts NOA, Luzern, CH
Collection World Bank Group, USA
AMA Museum of the Americas, Washington DC, USA
OEW-Kunstsammlung, Ravensburg, DE
Galeria Inca Garcilaso, Ministry of foreign Affairs, Lima, PE
Centro Cultural El Olivar, Lima, PE
SE Private Art Collection, Munich, DE
HS Private Art Collection, Munch, DE
KK Private Art Collection, Los Angeles, USA

Franziska Agrawal. Success through Corporate Design and Designing Brand Identity – cross cultural Issues and Global applications, HS Pforzheim Business School/Blurb.de, 2007